Test Analyst

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• Preparing and maintaining test plans
• Providing feedback to the development teams
• Scheduling projects
• Conducting risk assessments
• Doing continuous testing and upgrades
• Providing budget forecasts
• Liaising with suppliers, teams and team leaders
• Preparing test scripts
• Creating new test strategies.


• Understanding structured test methods and processes
• Manual and Automated Testing
• Being analytical and effective
• Resolving problems in a timely manner
• Paying attention to details
• Managing time and people
• Teamwork
• Preparing concise documentation
• Information technology
• Being articulate and communicating effectively
• Stress management
• Planning and prioritizing projects


• the position of test analyst, a person fulfills an important role by reviewing results from process tests in a business’s manufacturing or operating systems. The analyst will also research potential deficiencies and work together with engineers in order to provide solutions. In the role, the employee will formulate and maintain a firm’s master test plan strategy, provide progress reports in relation to process tests and execute test case scenarios. The analyst will also test system modifications in order to get ready for new process implementations and introduce databases of known test deficiencies.
To be suitable for the role, maths expertise, an ability to solve complex problems and effective communication skills are required. To carry out tasks aptly, the job holder will often use development environment software, mainframe operating systems, in-circuit emulators and program testing applications, like JUnit and Borland SilkTest